Friday, 23 April 2010

Email hijacking: nobody is safe

The Chinability webmaster today had his personal email address hijacked and used to advertise This domain name is registered to a certain Shao Yun from an organisation listed as Shao Yun Long of MaoMingShi, QinYuanLu, ZhenHuaXiaoQu 332 Shi in Guangzhou, postcode 525011. The telephone and fax number is +86-02977-427020, the email address is

I rang the phone number, but nobody answered.

The hostmasters for the site and related sites are at and

The host's IP number is Some other IP numbers appear on this chart showing links from
Since I regularly update and scan with several trusted brands of antivirus software, this intrusion was unexpected. It suggests that nobody is safe from this kind of attack.

It is not clear if this is a simple commercial hijacking or if there is another purpose behind it.

Be eternally vigilant...


  1. Hi,
    What does the above means? And it this website reliable to order from? it is some scam?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I've looked at the site and it is not possible to tell how reliable it is. I personally would not trust a retailer that hijacked other people's email addresses to distribute spam instead of just paying for regular advertising.

  3. Thanks for the warning. I tried to contact them through the chatting facilities , and they answer all my questions regarding the delivery cost. But it is suspicious since they always say "free delivery cost" even though crossing the border. They suggested me to place the order to get the free delivery cost. But when I tried to pay using the CC, they refused it and asked me to pay through money transfer to an certain account they would provide . And that is enough to is too suspicious.

  4. Dear All
    As it seems they accessed my hotamil account and used all my addresses to spread
    Has anyone an idea how to stop this? and how to protect my hotmail account from such attacks?

  5. Several things you can do:
    1) Use good antivirus software, scan often.
    2) Change your hotmail password often.
    3) Consider switching to a more secure email provider.
    4) Tell the spammer you will report them to the authorities if they ever hijack your email again.