Friday, 8 June 2018

Chinability website inactive

Following the Catch-22 situation arising from a new and badly implemented regulatory requirement last year, site maintenance was rendered impossible, as then was renewal of site (URL) ownership.

Consequently, the URL has been transferred to a body calling itself "China Ability" in Wisconsin.

"China Ability" has nothing to do with, and nothing in common with, Ken Davies' Chinability.

It provides no information or analysis of China's economy or political system. Instead, it purports to offer financial advice.

From now on, all China-related material that would have been published on Chinability will be found here, on Ken Davies' Chinability blog.

You are welcome to contribute material and to continue adding your comments to all blog posts.

There is no plan as yet to re-open the Chinability website. If there is sufficient demand, I will start another site, probably with another name. You are welcome to submit opinions on this directly to the blog, for example as comments on this post.

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